About Us
Flezoft is a leading IT service provider, providing pioneering information technology - solutions & services in various domains such as Data Science, Cloud computing, Bigdata Analytics, Mobile Application Development etc. We are committed to provide out-of-the-box IT and Digital solutions for our customers worldwide. We strongly believe that quality services & customer satisfaction lay the strong foundation for firm future.

Flezoft has its roots in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, and it was founded in 2013. The organisation today has about 50 highly skilled professionals. We help our customers to set best practices in business development and management. Our services span across various sectors such as finance, retail, healthcare, loistics, education, transportation, mobile Internet etc.

Flezoft’s service areas include application development & maintenance, ERP implementation & consulting, performance engineering, software localization & globalization, testing, etc. Whatever is the service we stick to our quality terms & ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at any cost.
Flezoft Vision

Flezoft is dedicated to becoming a company that is recognized and respected by employees, shareholders, customers, and the society.

  • We strive for the balance between company expansion and the development of society through consistent operations in compliance with laws, effective environmental protection programs and fruitful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives;
  • We constantly create value for customers and investors through innovation, process improvement and employee development;
  • We are committed to bring shareholders’ sound and long-term returns via continued improvement of our business operations;
  • We respect employees' personalities, invest in their career development and quality of life, and offer competitive rewards based on their contributions.
Flezoft Mission
To become a global spearhead in providing IT service through constant structural and process optimization, headship and skill development, and a commitment to tactical alliances and open invention.
Flezoft Values
  • Accountability
  • Simplicity
  • Association
  • Esteem
  • Integrity